Learn classroom behavior management from the best!

Do you have new teachers at your school who are struggling with their classroom? Are teachers feeling frustrated and burnt out because their students won’t behave? Don’t worry, you aren’t the first person with these problems and we can help!

How can we help?

Evoke LLC provides consulting services, educational courses, and supplementary resources to elementary school teachers and administrators that help them more effectively manage their classrooms.

We have a portfolio of 13 interactive and easy to digest courses that cover the basics of classroom behavior management using the PBIS framework. Dr. Fischer and Dr. Hawken designed the courses based on decades of research into the effectiveness of PBIS in schools across the world.

Why Evoke?

Evoke’s courses are created by experts that are actively involved in the research and application of behavior management techniques. Teachers can be confident that the courses present methods have been used extensively with proven results. Whether it be a student who acts out during math lessons, and group of students who can’t seem to focus, or a general lack of discipline in the classroom – Evoke can help!


Teachers are a school’s most valuable resource. Evoke provides the tools they need to be their best!

Meet The Authors

Dr. Aaron Fischer, PhD, BCBA-D

Dr. Fischer PhD BCBA-D has been working for more than a decade in schools providing behavior management training. In recognition of his research and impressive in-school and remote training for behavior management Dr. Fischer has been awarded an endowed professorship at the University of Utah and is the president of UtABA. 

Dr. Leanne Hawken, PhD, BCBA

Dr. Hawken PhD BCBA-D has more than two decades of experience teaching both Tier 1 and Tier 2 PBIS interventions. She had a significant impact on Evoke’s Tier 1 offerings and is the lead author for our Check-In, Check-Out courses for Tier 2.

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