Dr. Aaron Fischer Receives Dee Endowed Professorship!

Dr. Aaron Fischer, co-founder of Evoke, has received the new Dee Endowed Professorship in School Psychology. This five-year professorship will provide additional resources that will help Dr. Fischer to continue his research at the University of Utah. Dr. Fischer’s research is focused on using technology and psychology to improve the learning experience. Currently that involves research into using video conferencing for consultative work including a “telepresence robot” that can be used in classrooms.

In recognition of the award Dr. Elaine Clark, dean of the College of Education said,  “Aaron Fischer epitomizes the work for which this honor is intended. He has demonstrated a high level of scholarly productivity and achievement as well as a strong commitment to the preparation of school psychologists, researchers and academicians.”

We are very excited for Dr. Fischer because these funds will allow him to accelerate his research. The award also gives recognition to the importance and significance of his work.

Congratulations, Dr. Fischer!

To learn more read the University of Utah announcement and an interview that Dr. Fischer gave in response.

University of Utah Annoucement – “Aaron Fischer is recipient of the Dee Endowed Professorship in School Psychology”

Dr. Fischer’s Interview with UofU – “A First in the College of Education”

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