Memes to Brighten Your Day

Memes to Brighten Your Day

By: Rovi Hidalgo, M. Ed.

Can you believe that school has already been in session for a couple of months? Boy, does time fly! Teaching is hard and sometimes we need a good laugh to get through the day. Here are some of the best teacher memes on the internet for your viewing and sharing pleasure!

Behavior Management is Rough

Has anyone ever tried herding cats before? I have and it’s basically impossible – cats are small, agile, and can always find ways to escape. Managing kids can be difficult for similar reasons. Especially now that we’re a few months into the school year, I’m sure many of you have tried endlessly to address behavior. Thankfully, Evoke’s behavior management courses offer help addressing these problems.

Honestly, how many times do I need to ask?

We’ve all had a kid like this. They just stands up whenever they want to. They know exactly which one of your buttons to push that day (and every other day!). It can help to set up responses to noncompliance, though. Check out our courses for more.

I Live Dangerously

People think that teaching is just playing and hanging out with kids all day. Like, no, it’s actually quite the difficult job! But life is for living… let the kids choose their own partners! Just be sure to set up expectations beforehand, though – otherwise, you’re in for it.

How NOT to Handle a Chatty Class 101

Did you really think they’d stop sharing? Anyone whose worked with kids know that they love to share facts about themselves. You ask students to connect with the main character in a story, and boom! Suddenly, students are raising their hands and shouting out about how they also have brothers and sisters who go to school. If teachers use the waiting strategy, they’ll be waiting for a lifetime.

I Can Almost Taste It!

When kids are reminded that they are two points away from earning free time, you bet kids will start telling each other to stop talking, or to just “stop” in general. Yes, sometimes peer pressure can be good! That’s right, show me some appropriate behavior, and I will show you why to engage in it! Group contingencies at its finest.

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